isaiah Heine

Direct Response Copywriting


Yo, I'm Isaiah Heine and I'm a 20-year-old direct response copywriter who's been rockin' the entrepreneur game for about a year now.In just the last 3 months alone, I've grossed over $250,000 in sales - 😏I got my start diving headfirst into the world of email marketing.Built a bunch of funnels from the ground up, tweaked and optimized them more times than I can count, and really geeked out on everything full stack...But I started getting curious about what was happening on the other side of the screen - how could I write copy that really spoke to people and compelled them to take action?That curiosity led me to Stefan Georgi, one of the top direct response copywriters in the world today.This guy has generated over a billion dollars in sales from his copy alone!Lucky enough, I'm training/working with Stefan directly and learning from his tried-and-true copywriting philosophies.I've taken everything I learned and applied it to my own business, developing the skills needed to create hard-hitting, control-crushing copy that converts.Everything I write now is focused on starting conversations, building connections, and bringing real value to the table.So if you're looking for someone who can crank out copy that sells without losing sight of the person behind the screen, you've come to the right place.


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